Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity

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We all like to dream big, right? If none of us had dreams and aspirations, we’d all be wandering the planet like a bunch of zombies, aimless and without direction.

I suppose some people are content with living aimlessly, but some of us aren’t.

The thing about dreaming big is, we have to pay for it somehow. No dream comes for free, whether we’re talking about an investment of time, effort, or money.

We can dream all we want but if we don’t invest any or all three of those elements into it, we won’t get very far. …

I’ve got proof that motivational quotes don’t work. I once saw a story with a title that read something like this:

“7 Quotes That Will Drastically Improve Your Life.”


Turning my lame social media attempts into a change jar

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I’ve been falling away from social media for a while now. I’m not big on begging for attention but I do see the higher purpose of staying in touch with people far and wide. And I do realize the convenience of being able to make one announcement to hundreds of people at the same time.

Those are the reasons I’ll never come off Facebook permanently. I don’t actively maintain any promotional or business pages anymore but I love to see what my peeps are up to occasionally.

And the Facebook memories.

When they know the way, they can eventually show the way

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People catapult to the position of leader for one reason: Because others are willing to follow them.

As I embark on my new journey of once again becoming a community leader, I’ve put some thought into the kind of chief I’d like to be this time around.

Some leaders get voted in based on popularity and promises.

Some create commander-like gigs because they like sitting at the top.

Some are on power trips and end up killing off their disciples. Cult leaders, we’re looking at you!

Then we have the leaders who know their followers will likely move on because…

Thinking like a beginner helps put things back into perspective

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I have loved being a part of Medium for the last 2.5 years. Even during the abysmal months when my earnings have dipped into oblivion, I have always enjoyed the freedom of expression and my ability to just write.

When low earning months happen my first instinct is to hold myself accountable, realizing I probably didn’t pull my weight that month. It happens and I can’t blame a writing platform for my own performance.

Recently my 73-year-old mother expressed an interest in writing here and yesterday was supposed to be the day I helped her get set up. It didn’t…

Accidents are just fate by another name

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I became an expert in something by accident. The desire to achieve what I wanted to was completely self-serving and I had no one’s interests at heart but my own at the time in my life.

All it takes to become a perceived expert at anything is the ability to talk a good talk, but the real test is walking the walk afterward. So that’s what I did and it worked.

After you’ve done the walk a hundred times successfully, it just boils down to your ability to explain to others how it’s done.

Example: I AM an expert at…

I’ll keep my Medium history, thank you very much

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This is going to be the shortest, quickest thing I’ve ever written here but I wanted to spread the good news about my residual income from News Break.

I quit writing on that platform in April because I’m Canadian, and for me to write about America I’d actually have to put some effort into it.

I’m not interested in doing hours worth of research to write a $25.00 or $60.00 article.

I all but forgot I had a News Break account until today when I was checking my month-end Medium earnings. …

Written for a boy who was always meant to soar

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When a boy departs from our world and moves on to spread his angel wings, the loss is not just his mother’s. He creates a ripple effect, spread widely and felt deeply, impacting generations beyond his own.

The following poem was written by my mother who gave me permission to publish it here.

She was inspired to write it after witnessing a flock of birds flying in peaceful formation and immediately imagined my son, her boy, flying freely with them.

My mom has a wonderfully creative mind when it comes to imagining what her grandson’s new angel life might look…

Humor Gone Too Far?

If we can’t laugh about cremation we might as well be the dead guy

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Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever go through the exercise I just went through. As if writing about inappropriate thoughts on cremation wasn’t bad enough, I now want to share my experience with cremation jewelry.

First of all, I’m not referring to cremation jewelry for the wealthy. That’s the kind where they actually make jewelry out of your loved one’s ashes and a single glass bead costs $200.00.

By the way, you can also have your loved one turned into a paperweight.

You can also do VERY well without them

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The big news of the day seems to be that yet another very popular Medium publication has been shut down. PS I Love You made their announcement today and it has sent a ripple of commentary throughout various Facebook groups.

I’m sad to hear the news too, because they were a fantastic publication that worked hard for the writer, nurtured us to become better writers, and was a nice landing place for our relationship stories.

In light of the shutting down news, someone on Facebook asked a question related to it:

“What is your publication strategy?”

I began typing my…

Kristi Keller

Write like no one is reading, because it might be true. Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.

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