Do You Think Dogs Ever Get Tired Of Supporting Humans?

How can anyone claim to know what makes dogs happy and fulfilled?

Kristi Keller


Whether they’re family pets or working animals, I’ve often wondered if dogs get tired of all the things we ask of them.

Wouldn’t they rather just lay around munching on kibbles and treats? And hang at the dog park, socializing with their own kind?

If you really think about it, we ask a lot from dogs.

Service dogs

Anytime I’ve ever seen a service dog, it looks bored. Sitting faithfully beside his human in a bank lineup or standing at a crosswalk waiting to guide his person across the street.

I wonder if service dogs feel envious of regular dogs who get to go for leisure walks instead of duty walks?

I also wonder if emotional support dogs feel like they need their own emotional support dog because they have to spend so much time with damaged humans?

What about duty dogs?

I admit I’m fascinated with all the things dogs can be trained to do. Anytime I watch video clips of police and military dogs it blows me away how in tune they are with their handlers.



Kristi Keller

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