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  • Tony Stubblebine

    Tony Stubblebine

    CEO at @medium. “Coach Tony” to some. My newsletter: https://coachtony.medium.com/subscribe

  • Janin Lyndovsky

    Janin Lyndovsky

    Life-stories of elders taught me more than any school or university. Now I hope through sharing my stories I can inspire others to chase & live their dreams

  • Natalie


    I write to learn. I am drawn to human connections from all walks of life. Aspiring for radical empathy through the written and spoken word.

  • Kat Medium

    Kat Medium

    A medium (yes, THAT kind), wordsmith, satirist, seeker, sage, student and old crone. ispeakdead@gmail.com

  • Jan Barley

    Jan Barley

    Copywriter & SEO Content Writer | Widow | Interested in everything | Dog lover | PORTFOLIO: clearvoice.com/cv/janbarley

  • Sah Kilic

    Sah Kilic

    I talk a lot about lessons in life, work, and creativity. Level up with me here: http://sah.substack.com 💪 Have a chat with me: https://twitter.com/sahkilic 💬

  • Michelle Teheux

    Michelle Teheux

    Lover of literature. Editor of Minds Without Borders. Former newspaper editor. Fascinated by everything. Available for hire.

  • Lauren Como

    Lauren Como

    I write about Investing, Business, and Sales. Want to reach out? Email me at laurenacomo1@gmail.com

  • Travis Hubbard

    Travis Hubbard

    I’ve written some stuff that people like. Follow me: save time by learning from my mistakes. We’re all fighting for our freedom, why not do it together?

  • Barbara Andres

    Barbara Andres

    Muddling through, one story at a time. Grab a cup of tea and pull up a chair. In a former life, I called myself grain of infinity.

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