Give Yourself a ‘Hate Day’ Once in a While

Trust me, it’s kind of therapeutic

Kristi Keller
4 min readJan 8, 2022


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One of my best friends and I used to have scheduled “hate days.”

She lives in the Netherlands, I live in Canada, and we used to schedule online time with each other just to be miserable.

A hate day for us was a day we could air all of our complaints about what we hated at that moment. We did it so our lives weren’t saturated with negativity ALL the time. Just on hate days.

It was kind of therapeutic.

I used to keep a written list of major pet peeves as they were happening in everyday life. As time went by my tally grew and when I looked at the list, I was pretty entertained by the seemingly insignificant things in life that drive me nuts.

In no particular order, here are my current “hate day” items:

The beep on my microwave oven.

Clearly, whoever built this condo building and chose the appliances had no regard for human life.

When my microwave hits zero on the countdown it gives off three loud, loooong beeps.

The abnormal part about the beeps is that they don’t stop when you open the microwave door, nor when you hit the reset button.

The appliance finishes its three-beep cycle no matter what. NOTHING stops the beeps.

The only way to avoid it is to stand there watching the countdown, catching it on the last second, and opening the door before it beeps. Why, Frigidaire? WHY?

Passive, aimless drivers.

I’m a very intentional driver so it makes me crazy to be on the same roads as aimless, lackadaisical drivers.

Obviously, everyone driving a car is going somewhere so it is your duty to know where you’re going without interrupting the natural flow of life.

If you’re going somewhere unfamiliar, use GPS. If you have to make an eventual left turn, don’t wait until ten seconds before and then try to move across three lanes of traffic.

Also, please merge. Don’t stop in the merge lane.



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