My Sister Lived With a Murderer

Not everyone was lucky enough to dodge his bullet

Kristi Keller


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Have you ever sat down to watch the six o’clock news only to be shocked that the headline story horrifically involves someone you know?

Oddly, this has happened to me not just once, but several times. And each occurrence was a jaw-dropping moment.

One might think that hearing the story about the murder of a man I hung out with decades ago would rattle my chains a little. In fact, it rattled me a lot but he was without question, the type of person that bad karma would be on a first-name basis with.

However, no dinnertime news story shocked me more than seeing a man my sister dated and lived with had committed murder. Even more ghastly — it happened in my own neighborhood. I had no idea he had lived so nearby.

I’ll keep his real name out of it in case he makes parole one day and decides to Google himself. Let’s call him Marc but if you want the real deets you can click on the newspaper link further down.

My sister was the type of resentful teenager who blamed my mom for all her problems growing up. She would pack up and move out every time she could find a man who would take her.

Marc was one of them.

If I remember correctly, he may have been around 19 or 20 years old and my sister was probably 18. They’d rented themselves a crappy basement suite in an area of the city that wasn’t close to home.

Although my timelines are blurry because it was so long ago, I remember clearly that my sister came home a few months after living with Marc — because he had knocked her tooth out.

My mom was appalled enough to call my father, a man she had divorced many years earlier. She needed to ask him for financial assistance with my sister’s dental bill.

My father became irate over the incident so he hit the streets looking for Marc. It was by pure fate that Marc had randomly and unknowingly walked up to my father and asked, “Excuse me sir, do you have the time?”

My father knew exactly who Marc was so his immediate response was, “Yeah, it’s time for you to get the fuck out of my way.”



Kristi Keller

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