Re-entering a Life That Was Never Meant to be Yours

And living it better than those it was meant for

Kristi Keller
5 min readAug 18, 2021

Imagine this for a moment. You’re walking through a brand new show home deliberating over square footage and the color of kitchen cabinets. Meanwhile, someone in the world is hoping they survive until the next morning.

We teach our children to eat all their dinner because “children are suffering somewhere in the world.”

But do we actually feel the weight behind that teaching? Do we truly raise our children to be mindful of the struggles of other human beings?

The other night I re-watched the 2005 movie, Hotel Rwanda. It is based on true events and probably wouldn’t do more than spark emotion in the average viewer for the time they’re watching.

But then what? The TV turns off and that’s the end of it.

The first time I watched Hotel Rwanda was after meeting someone who had escaped that horrific life and lived to tell about it.

She’s my sister and she is a better person than I am today, in all forms of the word BETTER.

The new life she re-entered was mine from the beginning but it was never hers.

Many, many years ago my mother worked for a non-profit immigration society. Her job…



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