The Two Most Uninhibited Human Behaviors on Earth

And only a woman can claim both

Kristi Keller
3 min readMay 2, 2022


Photo by Samuel Scrimshaw on Unsplash

Human beings sure have a lot of inhibitions and hang-ups, don’t we?

We wear makeup to appear prettier. We use clothing and invisible undergarments to make our figures more appealing.

When having sex we’re preoccupied with our performance, our noises, and what our partner thinks of our naked bodies.

And we definitely avoid karaoke to save ourselves the humiliation. Unless, of course, we’re drunk.

We even decorate our homes like magazine photos just in case company comes. God forbid we be judged inside our refuge, away from all the other places we could be judged.

Our list of inhibitions is a mile long. All in the name of appearing like we’ve got our shit together.

However, there are two events in human existence where all inhibitions effortlessly fly out the window, almost like out of body experiences. We hold zero power over our reactions during these two specific occurrences, whether we’re naked or not.

The birth of a child and the death of a child.

I can say with absolute conviction that not one ounce of fucks are given about who might be watching nor what they think of our behavior while braving our way through both events.

Show me any other instance where a woman feels free enough to throw herself to the mercy of the universe. She screams, howls, and squalls in front of strangers in public places.

And she doesn’t give a fuck.

Thirty years ago I was sprawled out butt-naked and grunting loudly on a delivery room bed. The idea of eight medical staff I’d never met before witnessing it, didn’t even phase me.

Yet, I’d never dream of screaming and running naked through a restaurant during dinner hour. What would they think? They’d probably have me evaluated and committed.

Twenty-eight years later I was informed of my child’s death. Knowing that an entire campground full of strangers definitely heard me through thin cabin walls and later watched me hyperventilate on the lawn had no effect on me.



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