This Story Was Written Purely for the Money

I’ve never met a dollar I didn’t like

Kristi Keller
3 min readJun 6, 2022


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I just arrived home from a mani/pedi appointment, riddled with guilt.

I haven’t indulged in any form of self-care since before the pandemic. In fact, I’ve been wearing the same four pairs of sweatpants for two years. I don’t want to wear out my “good clothes” because those cost more than Walmart sweatpants.

The truth is that my mani and pedi cost the same as a tank of gas as of today. Yesterday the price at the pump went up to $1.91 per Canadian litre. For you Americans, that converts to about $973.00 per gallon.

On my way home I stopped at the grocery store and filled one bag with veggies and some whole wheat buns.

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Thank GOD I don’t eat meat. And as of today, I’ve cut out cheese too. F**k that.

A single grocery bag containing vegetables and just four buns cost me over $40.00. That’s ten dollars per vegetarian sandwich that I’ll be eating for the next week.

I guess I’d better jazz that sandwich up with some mustard.

I’ll be creative and fill in my hunger gaps with salted potatoes or rice.

I could choose to drown my financial sorrows by watching some mindless $147.00 cable TV tonight. Might as well use it since I’m stuck in a contract and can’t even cancel it for free.

I could drop the insurance on my car and take my chances but….

The minute I’m uninsured I’ll probably swerve to avoid hitting a squirrel, lose control and take out the side of someone’s house.

I could borrow money from my retirement savings, however…

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So, instead I’m going to sit here and stare at my pretty little pedicured toenails while drawing an escape route map from the next 7-Eleven I have to rob to fill the gas tank tomorrow.

Is anyone else out there just SO over the cost of living? As I mentioned in this story, I think Snow White was totally onto something.

My tip for you? Don’t eat yellow snow. Your tip for me? How about a coffee?



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